Friday, November 29, 2013


A belated, one day late, Happy Thanksgiving to all. We had a lovely day and celebrated with friends. Good food, good friends and good times. Ainsley and Sofie actually painted coffee mugs for both Jim and I for thanksgiving. They are too are the mugs :)

It has been a very thoughtful, reflective week for me. A time to take stock of our lives and realize all that you have to be thankful for. I didn't even know where to begin, I have so much to be thankful for. Family, two beautiful daughters, health and wonderful friends in all aspects of our life. I have great friends who lift me up when I start feeling overwhelmed, a wonderful husband who always pitches in and tries to help out however he can. I have also met a group of adoptive Mom's from this area and we have started trying to get together once a month. No kids, just Mom's. It was wonderful to sit down in a room with people who have been there done that. Very uplifting! The wine and snacks were good too!

I finally sat down and looked through Sofie's memory book again, the one that the orphanage gave us. It was a very emotional trip down memory lane. For the first time, I also showed it to Sofie. I hadn't showed her yet as I wasn't too sure how she would do seeing pictures of herself with her lip unrepaired. A little voice inside my head always told me to wait until she was better able to express her emotions verbally. And express them she did. She did not like the pictures at all! We talked for a while about how her owie was fixed now and eventually she calmed down. She was fascinated looking at herself as a baby. She has seen pictures of Ainsley as a baby and now pictures of herself as a baby. In the book were also lots of pictures of her nanny. I think about her all the time. Sofie seems to hold such adoration for her. She loved her girls like they were her own. I could tell that by the look on her face at the orphanage when Sofie said goodbye. Two of her little ones were adopted within a week of each other. The heartache on her face was unfathomable. My friend has a picture of the nanny holding Sofie, saying goodbye to her other little one the week before we got there. Sofie is just staring at her nanny with a serious look of concern and caring on her face. This picture is ingrained in my brain. I love this woman for looking after our little peanut and for teaching her how to love and be loved. I wish I could call her or see her and tell her that. I hope she knows that Sofie is doing well. I have sent her pictures and letters but I have no idea if she has received them.

Yesterday marks two years since we saw a picture of Lu Jing Jing for the very first time. The very first time we were able to gaze at the face of our youngest daughter. The very first time I was able to show Ainsley a picture of her sister. After 3 years of wondering, it was a surreal experience. Ainsley very much travelled through the ups and downs of adoption with us for 3 years. As much as you try to shelter your child from the gory details, they are so smart and intelligent and pick up on so much. To be able to show Ainsley a picture of her actual real soon to be sister was a moment I will never forget! Tomorrow also marks the 2 year anniversary of when we officially told the Chinese government that we would like to proceed and adopt Lu Jing Jing. That was also the day when the huge emotion of seeing our child was replaced with the urgent and unending need to get on a plane and go get my daughter NOW! Oh such fond memories of the roller coaster that we rode on our path to Sofie.

It has been two years since we first saw this little face. Two years, and look where they are now :)

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  1. Beautiful post! I remember when you got your referral! She has blossomed so much!